Responses for questions asked by Liveable Neighborhoods, Inc.

Do you support the construction of the North-South Corridor 5B-1 option?

As a candidate for the La Crosse Common Council to represent the people and neighborhoods of District 13, my campaign has led me to visit at people’s homes for the past 6 weeks slowly making my way around my district. I wanted to learn about issues that are important to them. Many topics came forward in our conversations and many were related to road conditions, traffic flow and safety. The issue of the North-South Corridor never came up.
After the inquiry that was posed to me by Livable Neighborhoods, Inc., I have been taking some time to delve into the question, but I think that my honest response to the question at this time must be that I do not have a deep enough understanding of the issue to announce a favor or disfavor for the option.

I am certainly impressed by the history of a 1998 La Crosse City binding referendum that opposed the option. I am also impressed by the Common Council’s 2020 Resolution that was opposed to the “currently enumerated U.S. Highway 53 corridor alternative 5B-1 of 1997.” Whenever the citizens of La Crosse speak by binding referendum, the action must be accorded the highest authority and respect. Two decades later it is possible that circumstances may change, and it can become necessary to revisit a question. The fact that the Common Council did this in 2020 and produced a resolution to continue opposition to the option is a strong indicator that our city does not want this DOT plan for road construction to go forward.

At this point as a citizen of La Crosse I am in agreement with the actions previously taken by referendum and resolution to not support the construction of the North-South Corridor 5B-1. I do not support to option.

However, if elected to become a member of the Council, and if this issue were to come before the Council again during my elected term of office, then I would feel the obligation to become well informed about the issue and its history by consulting with citizens and stakeholders (including Livable Neighborhoods, Inc.) before being able to reformulate an opinion as an elected servant to the La Crosse community before advocating or casting any votes required for or against the question.