Responses for questions asked by the La Crosse Tribune City Government Reporter (

Age: 66 years old

Education: Graduate of St. Louis University Medical School, 1982

Occupation (if retired, previous work): Pediatric Critical Care Physician at Gundersen (now retired)

Why are you running for council, and when did you decide to seek a spot? 

Since retiring from medical practice, I have had time for more political engagement. Last fall, I learned that my current council representative, Roger Christians, decided against running for reelection. I inquired with him to learn about the job and liked what I heard. I want to be elected to represent the people of the La Crosse 13th District because local government is a public good and a benefit for us all if done well. At this point in my life, I have the time and energy to contribute to this work. I will devote myself to doing the job well if elected. 

You are running for the seat representing District 13 in La Crosse. What to you is the most pressing issue for this district, and what will you do to address it if elected? 

As I campaign for election, I am visiting with neighbors in my district, and I am learning about many specific issues that are on people’s minds ranging from noxious locomotive exhaust in residential areas to ideas for improving traffic safety and ideas for how best to spend local tax dollars. However, the biggest immediate issue, I believe, is our local recovery from the COVID pandemic. We all need more human contact after being cooped up for 12 months. We need inviting and secure public space where this can happen in our business venues and recreational areas. If elected, I plan to continue taking time to visit with neighbors as I am doing now while campaigning so that I can learn more about what is on everyone’s mind for the good of our community going forward.